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let me destroy your mind

gori "fuckin" locks

15 July 1980

i'm in slytherin!

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Anger. You deal with your depression using anger...
lashing out at everyone and anyone, even your
friends. Well, fuck you too.

How do you deal with your depression?
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holding hands
hand cutting - you like to be in constant physical
contact with your special someone but you don't
want them to leave quickly if rejected with their hands.

What Kind of Affectional Serial killer Are You?
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Name: Varilia

Age: 5

Favorite Food: Human Flesh

Favorite Hobby: Fucking

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Plain and Simple-
this journal is nothing fancy.
I'm Erich
I'm 30 and living in Missouri.

I have tons of interests
7 of them are..
Independent films,cats,cooking,watching dvds, playing xbox, ice hockey, having music all around me

I'm very open minded, random, blunt, and honest. Always looking for new friends to learn about and to rant to!!
80's cinema, 80's music, a perfect circle, adam ant, ahl, alabama, alan rickman, animal rights, animals, anime, anne rice, anti mtv, anti-bush, aol instant messenger, astrology, bass, bass guitars, bass players, bassists, blondes, blue eyes, books, boots, boston bruins, brunetts, burning cds, camping, canada, canadian beer, cannabis, cartoons, cats, chatting, clothes, coffee, computers, concerts, confederate battle flags, cooking, creative writing, creativity, crossbreed, cuddling, daisy berkowitz, dalnet, david allen coe, dead like me, democratic party, democrats, depeche mode, dope, dragons, dreams, drugs, duran duran, dvds, ebay, ecw, electric guitar, electric guitars, environment, female masturbation, german, germany, girls, gravity kills, green, guitarists, harry potter, hockey, honesty, horror movies, ifc, imported beer, independent films, industrial, intelligence, j.k. rowling, japan, jim morrison, kansas city chiefs, keyboardists, keyboards, kissing, kmfdm, labatt blue, lucifer, marty reasoner, ministry, mirc, missouri, montreal, montreal canadians, mushroomhead, music, nag champa, nation of fear, nature, neurosis, new england patriots, nhl, nicolas cage, oingo boingo, open minds, philosophy, photography, quebec, rain, rodney dangerfield, scooby doo, scott putesky, shopping, sleep, smp, spooning, st louis, st louis blues, stone temple pilots, tattoos, the beatles, the doors, the history channel, the simpsons, the sims2, the spooky kids, three ton gate, thunderstorms, today's special, tom petty, travelling, vampires, vegatarians, video games, vinyl, water bongs, wine, women, worcester ice cats, world of warcraft